Sunday, August 16, 2009


A solitary soul,
Lost in the knoll of an evil hour,
Left to his own plight
Not even with an ounce of might left
Cycling lonely in the drizzling, dizzying darkness,
On a slippery, sloppy country road without a ray of light,
Prospects, really not so bright.

A deafening thunder in the yonder,
And blinding lightening taunts the dreamer
From the falling hell….like a firing shell
Roaring jet of splashing rain
Whips and cracks the inner brain

Tropical typhoon downpour,
It is…typical!
A descending death!!
In the guise of dark monsoon wrath,
The monotonous music of June
Radiating the pain in the vein,

Like any early fifties night, No one in sight.
He peddles on and on breathlessly
With all his might
Haplessly hopes for a dim rural light
And a hand post nearby!!
Who was he? Long back he has forgotten,
What is he out for? No more his concern,
Now…..survive the situation!! Only the ambition

Knees cramped, brain crippled,
The body squeezed and tortured
Crawls in that deadly turbulent night,
Like a unholy shadow of the past
Feet on the peddle works like a machine
Glues on to a seat without cushion,

The mutilated chainless bicycle
Often edges out of the murky track, skids into the ruts
Over which darkness shuts, falls into the countless pits
Bones are torn into bits.

Praying for Gods helping hand,
But…..sure! Cannot escape a dripping sound
Music of a haunting band
Tearing away the fearsome silence
Shattering the tranquil serene,
The lunatic climate continues to stare.

A nameless species,
After an aimless destiny,
In a pathless track
On a worthless exploration!! Of a timeless space
Unsure of the future, Nervous of the furious nature,
Scared to look back,
Cycles on and on, in panic
As the journey has begun, long back
He heaves, straightening his hunch back,

The unavoidable end cannot be a comic,
He knows it too well;
“He has to bid farewell l!!!
May not right then on the same spot
On that very treacherous rural road mat
Sooner or later one has to fall.
Day or night time rings the bell.
The destination may be reached,
The journey may be abruptly abandoned
But every ordeal has an end……..
Like my poem itself my friend!!!

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US Moinuddin said...

Seshagiri Jodidar is truly a master of "words". THE NIGHT... is a fantastic piece of poetry;powerful words in an organised fashion adorn the poem.

Great poetry or rather a great work of art by Seshagiri Jodidar.

- US Moinuddin
Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker, Environmentalist

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