Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year.......

Happy New Year.
Why it is the same excited vague expectations every year?. Yes vague! that is true...what else it can be? then? the unexplained hidden enthusiasm that keeps you dreaming a better, more colourful,vibrant busy...! but... a happy life! through out each passing days, month...lo! there is December itself unfolding into dates ascending in the calendar day after day.And there the much awaited December thirty first sets in. A tickling happenings around you. You are in a state of intoxication of infected expectations as if you are entering entirely unseen and unheard world of fantasies!
Tomorrow is the new year....and  undying feeling "my whole life will change for the good" New resolutions are made.Tell yourself newly introduced legislation of your life should  be applied strictly and adhered to. Make decisions to be workaholic, steady minded disciple.You are drowned in the  mirage of imaginary persona!
Evening shades into dark chilly evening and youth in you is searching desperately something you never really know what it is. Temples, bars, parks, malls and even roads...any kind of outing...tomorrow is a day to be idled over anyway. what a feeling? To be lost in something!
One wants to deliberately neglect or forget his or her own  surroundings and indulge in something unthinkable and purely imaginary. Stale, sold and borrowed messages are exchanged, seen, enjoyed or depressed! Conversations are held for long times on mobiles  to show their oratory skill or capacity of  their bill.   Youth parades the city corners. Old age mulls  in their assigned  mummers. And middle aged and probationary  grown ups also cheat themselves to be youthful.... like boasting, aged only physically but remains young in heart... type..!!!  The truth of limitations of the very existence is round the corner. Yet there is a sadistic and self deceiving pleasure in duping ourselves.. And I feel that is the best way of keeping our egos in best of their form.. and to give a meaningful zeal for life to announce that we are living and we will live for the new year.... a kind of self proclamation!
Mid night and the last night of the year is very near. The count down for the new year has begun hour by hour, peg by peg in bars, parties and even in houses, gods and idols in temples  and churches silently listens to the prayers and chanting and the requests of the devotees.. The hour melts into minutes and minutes to seconds.... and the clock strikes 12.A.M... cracker bursts, wishes echo in the air... Of course don't think that the whole of the city is going to say "happy new year" in one one precise time of the bell or the clock.
The celebrations.... wishing, shouting, screaming and  hugging  and bursting of crackers, breaking of beer bottles on the road, teasing and even fighting  start at different time at different places in different moods and well before Midnight....!!! May be they are in a hurry... wait for the new year must have been very long to them...or may be tired, or may be too sleepy with intoxication of alcohol. But the deafening and disturbing   sound of the whole mess in the  street is quite insensible...and sometimes it looks quite barbaric... awakening the people who are snoring to wish them... the instead of wishing they curse them silently with the sleepy, yawing face.. but youngsters are not bothered... but it seems they are  enjoying their own sadistic hospitality on others cost. Half an hour or an hour, the sound of fury slowly ebbs away into dark oblivion of January dark sky.
The poor  "new year" is all alone now, left for itself....shivering  in the cold darkness under the blue sky.
No it is difficult to say whether it is dark or the shadow of the sleeping city lights.... but certainly it is not yet dawn. Hours to go for new year day break....and the city is in deep slumber. The new morning of the new year for many starts lately in the afternoon in hangovers with dull spirit. For others it is as usual another urban day of toil. Chill or hell they cannot swell in joy and call as it a holiday. It would be a day to be earned and a day to be lived...out of 365 days that are yet to unfold......
Happy New Year...

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