Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The rain..

Blowing softly through the valley of hell
breeze of message has been disposed off
a probable invasion from the sky.
clouds in its regular exercise, camouflaged in dark grey
preparing for the the unavoidable vertical onslaught
by the irregular scattered bullets from the high
guided through the wind in a deafening sound

the frightened  baby monkey clasped in a tight embrace
somewhere near the equator blinking blindly
at the moist furnace
tropical canopy has nodded in fear
to welcome the guest
signalling the swaying soldiers of virgin forest
the perplexed birds have gone to their nest,
the bugle thundered behind the dangling lightnings

splashing pearls kiss the thirsty broken soil,
fumed with dust of sigh,in the vagabond sand dune
under the volatile liquid gold
the droplets leached into the wrinkles
disappeared back in the womb of the mother earth
like a marsupial pouch,in the downs of Australia
the howling rain, the flooded streets,
the town newly formed island,

standing crops creeping,
the bloated corpse floating
drifting Caracas rotting,
sense of guilt too disturbing,
shielded with the crocodile tears,
a gesture of concern....!! 

name it...."natures fury"
who would care and  carry the burden of science?
effects are musical rhymes,
vibgyor or house,
I am sorry.
interpretation is really too easy....
introspection is ever self deception...

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