Monday, July 9, 2012

Rain on a rainy day..

Rain on a rainy day...

Yes. It sounds funny to give a title as the one I have given to my nomadic moods. It was blinding light and burning day in the afternoon. Even the lethargic mood was upset as it was sultry and I was profusely sweating and fed up of wiping my eyebrows where the beads of sweat were constantly being formed with all my nonstop effort. It was disgusting or shall I say unbearable and restless. Slowly the piercing reflected sun light from the opposite house walls begin to lose its sharpness as an enthusiasm infusing clouds being loaded in the sky. The sharp and piercing light gradually begin to scatter to dim shade which made my heart to leap in my spirit. The constantly bombarded trees by the turbulence caused by the ever flowing and unending vehicles started showing sign of motion with its astonishingly changed colours (the tropical green has become dull and peculiar black near the mines).The slow swaying rhythms of the trees changed into a wild tribal dance. The air no more was humble and obedient but became a naughty and mischievous ill-mannered child who is instinctively destructive and cared none. The musically methodical breeze changed into harsh rumbling and rattling deafening sound with thunders scattered in the vastness of fading sky echoed in my ears. Lightning flashed in the sky we are visible even in the evening light clearly. You could sense and see the sudden shift from gloom to bloom. Wow! What a change from dull afternoon to a cool enjoyable evening! Words fall short of their meaning and intensity to express the type of joy, excitement and tranquillity that was caused by sudden shift in the nature.
It started raining. The rain which started as basic notations of the hindustaani classical music slowly but steadily picked up the speed. The sound gradually became more and more loud and clearer. The asbestos sheets which cover my washing machine sounded like war front where the bombardment of cannons, tanks and guns were being fired continuously. The battle band with its furious tunes reached its crescendo! Still the sound never sounded harsh. The rain drops were hitting the ground and the roads were flooded. The road transport vehicles have become marine warriors breaking and cutting the rushing water. Yet, there was an ascending pitch of melodious tunes in my heart. An inexplicable joy that flooded my whole being gradually quenched my thirst of dryness of polluted urban summer. At last the long awaited change of face of the nature did come true. The pre-monsoon showers cleaned and washed the road side trees. The dark shining green uncovered with pressure wash by the splashing rain. Even the trees which are not talkative are all most seemed humming and singing and even dancing. A beautiful sight indeed....

I always welcome rain as it brings an inexplicable joy and a intoxicating enthusiasm in my very being. The body is infected with epidemic spirit. Adrinalene flows through each and every cell of the body. I feel as if I am floating.  The very existence of the life is forgotten. It is a rarest of the rarest type of feeling. Just you feel the liberation of your mind from all trifle but terrible of day to day life’s on goings which ever bothers you. The sight, the sound and the aroma of the  your house, street and the air is changed into a different work of an Art. The painting looks new and ever modern, the music is latest and air is washed off its pollutants. 

Many people grumble that rain spoils their day. Some people worried and don’t like rain as it  spoils their dress and thereby the programme. For some the after effects of the rain are unbearable with flooded roads with sand and mud carried by the water current heaped on like solidified lava of the volcanic dome. Most of the people who have prior commitments are tensed and worried and sometimes frustrated as they neither can challenge the rain nor do anything about it. Due to flooded roads with gutter water oozing out from the manhole caused chaotic traffic situation. The bus commuters will have fight hard to escape from the splashes of the sewage water whenever a vehicle passes by. So called the ever busy people on the move are hopelessly helpless to reach their destination even with their own transportation. Condition of the lovers is pathetic as they are delayed due to rain. The mobile is used nth number of times to confirm their dating and meeting. To impress their lovable ones they have attired in the best and latest. Yet they were clueless as what time the rain is going to allow them to full fill their dream.

Yes, I have seen a few people who are most unromantic or shall I say workaholic machines wont like the rain as theirs time is very precious, profitable and such people stand do loose. They calculate the income now not in hours or minutes but by seconds. For such greedy business class and corporate class rain is as boring as a dull, gloomy day. Some aristocratic show off women folks also feel terribly dejected as their participation in the party is more important than the real small needs and pleasures of common people.

And sometimes it so happens even in romantic people who love rain but they get frustrated when they have dates with their boy or girl friends and the rain mercilessly  pouring where they cannot go out as their best dress which is meant to impress his or her  girl or boy friend gets spoiled. Such times the lovers may curse the rain due to delay it causes but the same time it is highly exciting to get drenched in the rain along with their love birds. The idea of walking along with their lovers in the rain gives them a rarest happiness and excitement.
The children who normally loves rain and craves to get themselves drenched in the rain prays for the rain god not to rain during Deepavali. If Deepavali happens to fall during heavy rainy season, then, it is the most disappointing light festival for them as their crackers would never crack on the wet and moist raod.
Irrespective of belonging to different class, creed, nationality, sex or any other group or classification everyone enjoys the rain for its wonderful cooling effect which intoxicates our level of inexplicable happiness... yes it is inexplicable....because people don’t want after effects of rain... like flooding where sometimes the sewage water may mix with rain water and it flows like a small river in front your house.The disgusting plastic recidues and other municipal garbage 

(Here I have to interrupt and tell you about my experiences in my villages where I never saw the disgusting sight of cities during the rain or even after. The water was only muddy and it forced me to wonder that how wonderful it would be if this muddy water becomes tea or coffee... In fact even now I remember the muddy water looked like strong tea. No plastic or any other ugly wastes... In fact the rain used to clean and wash the entire village and make it to appear fresh and beautiful with its rainy and cloudy evenings. Only organic wastes used to be carried away by the rain water to the nearby tanks of the village which used to enrich the soil with its silt when put to use during cultivation time. You could even feel a real freshness of air after the rain.....but now in cities it is really unbearable with its pungent sewage smell and most ugly sight of all kinds of waste on the road.....So rain now instead of cleaning the environment exposes the concealed waste products under the concrete cover of the urban areas and forces us to encounter the wonderful contribution of the modern technologies through science!!)

But, for one thing I prefer to miss my beloved rain when I think and see the plight of the people who live in such area where even basic life sustainable needs become impossible due to rain. The people who live in low laying area and in slums, neither have potable water nor proper hygienic sewage  
The ugly plastic residuals and other discards, empty packets, tins and other unknown packages on the road are really disgusting which will be lying there even after weeks with the dutiful negligence of corporation.
When somebody comes home or your own people return home the wetness they bring along with them is really unwelcome which will have its own gradual fungal effect with the humid and heavy air. It is unavoidable one of the days in any rainy season you are forced to get drenched in the rain with all your preparedness and precautions. During such time really it is awful kind of situation.
Now we have reached such a stage in the cities that we shudder to think even the prospects of rain. Whether you are rich or poor, living in slums or most modern and sophisticated apartments you are forced to come in contact with ugly reality of unplanned city and with self centred selfish citizens without fore thoughts. In cities you can neither enjoy the blissful rain nor welcome the rain with a free heart.   


Dakshayini said...

Good one ...what an observation of the Nature and an Irony ...Very Nice ..Loved it ..:)

Meghana said...

Very nice :) Felt good after reading this as I'm a rain lover :)

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