Thursday, August 30, 2012

UNMU(k)TH The Intoxicated.....!!!!!

UNMUKTH the intoxicated.....!!!
It is really shocking to see the Unmukth's exam controversy which is blown out of proportion unduely by the media and the many cricketing world celebrities.And of course opportunists as ever the politicians have also
joined the chorus to condemn the principal and even forcing the amendments of the university to allow our national hero to take his Exams. They are super humans and beyond the rules and regulations of an old institution like university.Greater shock is even so called intelligent Kapil Sibal also have joined the chorus.
Yes..everyone agrees that sports should be encouraged and it has been being encouraged  for the past so many years since Independence. But today the University is being forced to amend its law to accommodate one head long, ego centric audacious cricketer.Yes,  without an iota of doubt the boy's talent  deserves
to be appreciated. But for a moment we all think has this type of incident ever occur ed in the Indian history?If yes...I must say it must  be a  rarest of rare cases. Does this mean no sport man has been ever encourage in the colleges and the Universities all these years?

Well there are hundreds of students who did achieve their goals in their respective sport field with the due help of the institutions. Of course those poor souls might not have become a celebrity like our Unmukth (or is it Unmath? in Kannada it means Intoxicated!!!! with popularity?). Take any other discipline of the sports in our country, may be chess, athletes, hockey, shuttle cock, Tennis and so on. There are inter school, inter states, and even internationals competitions and events held and students are sent to participate. Is it not encouragement? Not only they oblige these talents with attendance but also with financial aid. After all,
all of us know it is those who bring laurels to our institutions.
Now the real question is why was unmukth denied for the exams? The reason is not just the law of the institution. Shortage of attendance can be condoned at coollege or even at University level. The question
is not that whether a sportsman   should be allowed to take up the exam or not but the indifferent attitude of
"so what? I know how to take it without your help but only with my  talent and my popularity" should not be encouraged. The very attitude of the person an who is in news is very  unsporting and confronting. If he had approached the concerned authorities either in the college or in the university definitely they would have condoned it and allowed him to take his Exams. He could have requseted the cricket board to help him out.
But the case is not so. Instead of approaching the concerned heads directly with a due request and respect,
he would have saved this ugly situation where a University is forced to bog   down  in order to please a teenage whimsical boy.

I am very sorry to say the cricketers of  20/20 game fromat in general and Unmukth in perticular are     (My due apologies to great old timers  and gentlemen cricketers of today)very adamant and suffer a high superiority complex. Their "don't care" indifferent attitude is reflected in their body language. Just compare he body language of any other player  to any present Test class or so called international cricketers (known and played in a few countries!!). You will find other sportsmen are  not so  defident  but our cricketers are over confident and ego-centric. This is displayed even in  presentation ceremony.Really I don't know even the distinguished guests are looked down upon by our great talents. Why? is it because for their immense world class talent? or the money?  or social status? Unfortunately they are treated like Gods in our society.
I am really ashamed to see the entire country in one voice are condemning the principal of that college. Nobody has ever given thought to the real cause behind the whole episode.It was very simple matter which should have been decided in the college with the student and principal. But look,  He is going to the court in order to seek justice to nourish his cricketing ego but not his dream of achieving his academic excellence. Yes his ego has grown higher than the mount Everest with the backing of the millions of Indians, is senior colleague Mr Dhoni, the media people the politicians and his own Board BCCI.
On behalf him the BCCI would have requested the university to condone his attendance shortage. Nothing new in it. But, why? when their player has such an Ego how do you expect his cricketing fraternity bosses to behave?The  mother of all boards in India the BCCI has 'nt reacted yet.
Recently we have seen the board's clash with the sports ministry. They think they are above everyone as they are financially very powerful except Rajiv Shukla who openly distanced himself saying they can only request college authorities to consider but they cannot intervene in their policy matter.
Another thing which saddens me is that in no other sport events things like this never happened! But more serious incidents have been brought to the notice of the public. Some unfortunate sport man are selling their medals to eek out their life.But the apathetic attitude of the  public towards the suffering of the real sportsman is disgusting.
Finally it is the public who have to  be blamed   for their limited interest in the sports and their hero worship nature. Shout with the largest mob is the cry of the day and the time for hypocrites and oppurtunists.!!!
Anybody can become hero over night...and there are 120 crore people to worship them.One of the sport commentator  (Menon if I am not wrong )  we need not  over react to the junior world cup victory as India and Pakistan have already won this cup a couple of times. I think the world cup success has gone too far and intra cellular in the mind and the bodies of the Indians.
I think Uumukth's philosophy is "strike the Iron while it is hot.."and why not..?  boy of 19 years playing wonderful game of national Psyche to his advantage.

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