Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blame it on Summer...

Blame it on Summer..

The summer heat has pushed me into a lethargic state of aestivation
Neither conversation nor action of any mention worthy is yet to be on
The confused spirit and an abused body must have lost its shine and sheen
The plasma state is deep fried and half boiled and left for sun drying in open

 Who has made me a sacrificial prey to the sun god without my knowledge?
The question never answered as everyone around me is a victim of unseen rage
Who is avenging and for whose whims and fancy are we the target of revenge?
Yes, the most unique species of the nature is the root of the irreparable damage.

Do we demand accountability from the terminator and a lunatic destroyer?
He, who forever hides behind the curtain of progress, is a deceitful director
Boasts himself as a great interpreter, a riddle cracker of the mysterious nature,
Man is neither the creator, nor a sensible preserver but a destroyer very rare.

Nature, Latent or dynamic but let everything has to flow in a natural way
Damming the current of life content is never an answer for anyone in anyway…..

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