Friday, January 3, 2014

God Particle.

The contributions of science to improve human life is enormous indeed. Each discovery and invention or even researches have given countless comforts to us. Today we are living in such a beautiful world (?) where we don't even have enough time to look around us and comprehend the reality. The luxuries and comforts have made us to live our own world of fantasies and dreams. The inventions of science always gave immense luxuries to our life there by making us more and more withdrawn in our own world of illusion of happiness, less and less sensitive to our fellow beings.  More the comforts more in active  the body gets. It is the body that gets first adjusted itself to the change. Many parts of the body becomes more and more lethargic due to non exercising or say usage. Or over enjoying the eating of varieties of taste of the entire world like Italian, south Indian, north Indian, Chinese, oriental, continental, intercontinental, rural food etc..have made our stomach and the entire digestive system confused. The poor digestive system had adjusted to one type of food which was freely available in that particular environment. and that is why we have different food habits.The stomach is overloaded with unimaginable food items which it had never encountered before that is right from the beginning of the human cultural evolution. This over indulgence in food which is only taste worthy has created a lot of unseen and unheard abdominal or digestion related problems. People say that we have become too delicate. We are prone to all kinds of diseases. Our body immune system is not cooperating as it was when once our lives were confined to a particular area or environment. But due to over exposure to so many spies and other new uncommon universal food we tend to suffer more from intestinal disorders.Yes to some extent that statement is true. In every true aspect we have become more susceptible to all kinds of diseases. In our childhood days about fiftt years ago the common diseases were treated at home by grannies and elderly people with domestic local medication. But today we get imported medicine prescribed by a Doctor who himself has no knowledge of the relationship between the disease and the environment.and ignorant of the harmful effects of the chemicals made in some unknown country by unknown people who don't even know our food and other life habits. Yet with great confidence he prescribes and we take it and suffer in the long run.

For example common cold can be taken care at home by domestic traditional medicine like coriander, ginger kashaya or eucalyptus oil for head ache. But we have forgotten those medicines and we rush to a nearby drug store and buy the tablet, or drug on the advise of the drug seller himself.

This change slowly but surely takes over our social and cultural consciousness. And thus make us the most cruelly selfish among all the animal species that are existing today along with us. Till recently these species were happy to be contented in their own specified world or environment. It will not be an exaggeration to say the applications of science in our life has made us more lazy. It is an irony that science which always takes its birth in the name of helping the human society at large becomes a tool of decimation of the planet itself!
Indeed it is unfortunate the domestic, industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical or any other utility of the science articles in the market is mind bogging. Many of which go unnoticed. Of course we cannot consume everything that is available in the market. Neither we are financially capable nor we are effective and natural consumers.Natural consumer means the most modern and young lot living in urban environment and can properly utilise the things more effectively and easily than older generation. We do not have any practical knowledge of todays articals that are in the market with a costly tag.
As I said scientistific contributions of creative mind have no doubt improved our quality of life. But to the extent of using certain organs of our body and thus has made us more lazy. Best example would be the revolution in the field of communication. Mobiles for instant cahat with anybody,anywhere a computers

 who are exposed and who can understand the utility of the things properly All the electronic gadgets in our houses

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