Friday, March 14, 2014

Beat the Sun.
Good morning…
To all?
Good! For whom?
Is it to?
Or of, the morning?
Is it wishing you good ….?
A wish of luck to keep you livid, in good state of life!
From the restless thermal king of radiation
Unconquered and left untamed
Has driven everyone helter-skelter
Well, look out,
if you are still left with your guts
But dare not at the sky as naked and bare
As treeless tundra where green is so scare
He is too cruel to spare in its flare
It is time for the eyelids to rescue from his glare
You cannot call it as night mare
No… it is a fuming splendour at its best
Better hurry up and go to the nearest nest
And take rest.
Let the life around you be a blanket black
Meditate with the yogic breath till the sun set….
At least to avoid super thermal shock
Be ready to face the taunting mock of heat
Persuaded and pampered by the adamant monk
To bombard another terrible photo shot
Tomorrow is not too far away….
He never ceases to tease you all.
Until he is forgotten and uncared in his dismay.. 
Only way
Beat him and say
You are ready to live through,
All the way in your own way.

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