Friday, March 14, 2014


Good morning…
To all? 
Good! For whom?
Is it to? 
Or of, the morning? 
Is it wishing you good ….?
Only for your good being in the ugly morning?

Well look out, if you can..? at the sun? 
But dare not, 
The sky is blue and bare
Without a shred of cloud of shade

For us, 
A day of blinding night mare, 
But all should share

A thermal splendor so rare
A fuming twister with its top gear 
Strikes the hills, fields, land with all its valour 
Mocks at us with a terrible terror

Without a murmur go for a summer ware
The super-heated air may not care
Eyes unprotected cannot glare
It needs a special goggle wear
Don’t disobey my advice
Step out, with head bowed to the shining Seer

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