Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Pool...


The life pool is filled to the brim with countless drops of your deeds.

Agonies and ecstasies are rippling to the shore tirelessly since your birth

The miseries are heavier than joys that are miser than a fashionable tailor,

Sinks to the bottom at an accelerated pace and rests there for ever.


Neither do I know nor you can predict the time of the whirlpool spiralling 

Dragging like a magnetic force to the depth of the bottomless pit

A black hole of illusionary feast that often comforts your luxuries

And misleads to a lost state where you are declared dead but clinically alive.


Cheering moments are volatile and rare to bubble out of the evaporation pool

The solidified sorrows with no melting point to measure, settles down heavily

The restless soul without any remorse holds a stable stalk for fading floret

The fragrance is odourless with a diminishing colour as unattractive as ever


The clouds of desire hovering over the lid of latent greed ever ready to explode

The unexpected but fearsome cloud burst may burst at any time at your door steps

And can cause a heavy down pour and floods your being and spilling out of the pool

An overflowing reservoir of repentance sings a haunting lullaby for your final sleep.

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