Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An ode on the Youth…..

Does anybody welcome death?
May be, like Juliet an adolescent lover psychopath
Cataract eyes, sight blinded with an opaque love membrane, 
Never being pragmatic, 
The face of fate is quite sarcastic
Robbed of beautiful colours of life, 
Escaped agony in sheathing the dagger in her own belly 

Love is an aberration in a world of positive psyche…
Lunatic like lunar tides in the ocean beech 
Contract of life indeed breached 

Do you pity her? May be…!!!
She deserves sympathy?
Or admiration or admonition 
Still she is the petitioner and one and only owner of her heart
In the court of love with a terrible guilt of life
Without any witness to plead, her freedom is unquestionable,
The death sentence may be too harsh, biased and cowardice
Yet she is the judge in her own system of justice 
Pronounced the sentence to stab herself to death.
But had forgotten romantically, the mode of execution

Wanted to lick away her life in her final kiss with her selfish lover
Had left only the phial but not a single drop of potion,
Yet, death is too ugly to elope with her so early,
The rarest courage ever displayed and ever narrated
Displayed in the black hole of a graveyard
Ready to end, kill oneself to love and live 
Enters the realm of the deadly darkest womb
The darkest of the dark cave of man-made coffin 
Paved her to wooden bed, in the closed lifeless chest 
In the grave, the life leaked in to the heaving breast 

Had fallen on the royal bed, Woken up in the darkest shed
From womb to the tomb, the final march in the royal funeral bed
We feel sad for the Untimely death
And death of beauty is ever cursed...
Be it poison, or a self-stabbing…her body was bleeding
Mercilessly in the forlorn tomb in the fare of death,
Where a wild auction was on with the highest bidding
The ownership of the corpse established in the grave market
Is it a folk story of the mass of just muscles? 
Or the over weight of the whims? 
Or….Is it the hate for the hatred of love. 
An easy escape route of death….???

So….Juliet, you are dead and gone 
It is a mystery still unsolved, 
Why are you living still???

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