Thursday, July 31, 2014

Though a terrestrial lung breather 
Takes up the omnipresent state like an amphibian
Sometimes, with its adaptability takes the form of dual habitat
Carries a huge burden of tetra-pod, in the lane 
And out of the lake
An immortal with a longest life period among the mortals,

Funny indeed to hide its tapeworm like head 
In an awkward neck of elastic length
The crucified corpse lays facing the earth
Under the huge flattened boulder shell
Though a slow and sluggish slug 
But a supreme exponent of patience unknown
Never fond of acceleration and loves only gravitation,
By the way where is your tail?

As a sure winner the world over
His pace is never debated
A runner ever in all the case only to be chased
But never allowed to speed behind any athlete 
Yet honoured as a winner always in all the race, 

Listed, graded and underlined in the evolution calendar
Neither neglected nor glorified unwittingly 
So he thinks the earth and life follow him
He is life and his life right….

For ever lives in the impregnable fort in his own shell 
Rarely ventures to peep out for contact like an outcast
But comfortably contented in his dark hell
An aristocratic untouchable species unchanged
Naturally acclaimed in universal unison 
An addled stoic idiot fancies he is mirrored in the life
As negligent as an indifferent adolescent 

Oh…poor tortoise
Why don’t you realize 
no more the world of Mesozoic era
it is the dust of the milk age
You have been left far, far behind
Come out of your overprotective gear
And live in the crowded fair…and breathe the fresh air…
Or else …
You will be crushed
Under your own over shielded weight
Poor, poor tortoise…..
Can’t help… till you ease out your ego……

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