Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Three fourth our somatic mass being water…!!!!
But still ...why?  
The seeds of love seldom germinate
From the sterile substrata of the cardiac field
The seeds of love not in the state of dormant
But in the state of a dead corpse,
The embryo inside the fort of fleshy selfish cotyledons
Replaced by the endosperm of lust and greed

All right....
Unseasoned, needed factors not in favour
But…at least
Why can’t it be a vegetative propagation?
To give itself a new formation,
 Into a selfless, sexless nonflowering generation?
By vegetative cell, to adopt to climatic extremes
That are unpredictable like nature itself….
 What about regeneration?
 Any organ, with its origin may result into a full being
But we are cursed and limited to only nails hairs….
Rarely replacement of skin but never a full scale moulting….

Lack of tubular body restricts perfect copulation….
 If we were to be hermaphrodite…???
 Opposite Sex cells take a polar position ever stationary
To grow into a caricature of genetic makeup,
To bloom into sum total of a craved humanity
Transgender where new ones are never born
Looked as if they are dangerous cactus thorn

Clowning produces exact Clowns or jokers or puppets
Whatever you call… just they are non-applicable lab products
Siblings need no biological sex parents,
Where amniotic fluid has no place
Only in demand breeds of needed specific hybrid
To end the beautiful biodiversity is very clear
Like reflection in the mirror…

Seed of kindness, love for humans will never germinate
As it needs a suitable warmth of heart
The enzyme to enhance the division of concerns
Along with the complex social values not being too turgid….
Then we may hope one fine day
A miracle would happen and a cactus may germinate

Even in the great desert of aristocratic xeric heart!!!!!

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