Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The dream....

The sedimentary rock 
An accretion and deposition of suspended incidents 
At the bottom of the cranial ocean
Weathered and layered in the course of time 
Of unforgettable interactions of the 
Receptors to pile up them in the stratosphere, systematically,
Of the space of ego, never forgotten

Often tectonic plates of desires, drifts and shifts to the extreme 
To the left and right 
Hemispheres of unsatisfied crave of social metabolism, 
Sins and virtues, guilt and greed
Of the cerebrum, due to intense tremors of interactions
Often overlaps in a wild wave of vile fallacy 

Unstoppable vibrations, haunts you in your subconscious
From North Pole to South Pole… in the form of film
On the screen of senseless existence 
Eyes closed, ear shut, nose indifferent and the skin ever non receptive
In deep slumber where body lies in state
And we moan in pain and mourn in joy.
We abruptly awaken to the absurdity of your SELF…

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