Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Misty hill called Maandalpatty….

Is it the pull of the peak that seduces you?
Or is it the experience of the climb of a challenge?
That stimulates your exploration 
Is this the height I thought I conquered?
Heavenly abode no sky above 
Nor earth below
Nor any soil green gravity can be traced
Mercilessly splashing rain drops pounded like thousand maces
The spectacles disappeared in the air like a whiz 
The mysterious mystical mist, a blind ally
The gushing wind taunts your bipedal posture
Half bent for the ascent of the steep step less slope

With my heart pounding, lungs gasping for the breath 
Felt awkwardly baseless, drifting in a hollow state
Descending like a cascade of rivulets 
Flooding down the ravaged boulders 
In the ravine aimless tributaries of the mist of the doom
The time stood still and the world dissolved
You are not there, for ever lost in the space 
Search for yourself
In the mighty unbeaten nature of cosmic beauty

For a second I feared the fatal blow of death,
Surrounded by all the elements of the universe
Unfolded in its naturally unbounded splendor
A feeling still unfelt for a long time
The fear filtered and trickled down to calmness 
At the peak of my deeper soul
Humbly with all humility,
I surrendered……..
An inner voice whispered and echoed
And reverberated in the misty valley 
I am nonexistent….inconsequential….
In the infinity of the universe…..

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