Monday, October 13, 2014


I just wonder when I hear some people boast that they are so called “self-made” or ferociously independent or never depend on anybody for anything at any point of time…..It is the highly improbable, irresponsible, insensitive and ignorant and an Idiotic statement……which is worth to be laughed at.
Freedom, free, independent or non-dependent these are just words…just spelt sounds that are away from the reality in its full form…This word is terribly misused by only one species of the large ecosystem which are dangerously sociable but self-centred….….fearfully and frighteningly destructive…….called humans or so called Man the thinker…..
Egos… taking different shape in the present society like personal, educational, cultural and religious superiority complexes with highly epidemic infection like EGO in the society of class system etc. result is restless society with hate, jealousy, wars, unsatisfied souls which have unending complains about the others of something or the other… 
Men are “born free”, a philosophical saying goes which Is which an abstract word of human society….it does not exist in nature… cannot exist without your so called unwanted or useless or harmful occupants like cockroach, mosquitoes, rats, snake, and the unwanted plants which we call weeds or any other living species or even non-living matter….are essential for your snatch it directly or indirectly. It is the diversity mechanism that has operate constantly to keep the race to be in the race of time and space.
Anything that is free is, biologically unknown….it is limited and restricted to only and only to the human society….as you cannot just exist to live alone as you are helplessly dependent on so many things for your survival…..from the environment, where, even the so called the non-living state cannot exist purely or lonely or independently… a free state…even if it does in the form of compound, it is useless or at least limited in its presence in the crust of the earth to give an identity to other matter of the universe… So from atomic level to planetary or solar system the star and universe with its unimaginably huge participants….everything is interdependent absolutely in our cosmic existence.….
Freedom is permanently replaced by the human ego in all its splendor….in our society...the great people who taught us the concept of Freedom is not the EGO but purely the liberation from the self and to lead a simple but an essential component of the beautiful creation called the environment. Even, so called scientifically evolved positive thinking minds are no exceptions…
Nobody is ready to accept the reality with a natural humility that in this nature. You are just one species among all other components of the living or non-living ecosystem….
and that realization of identifying ourselves as one among the nature itself is the Free state of mind….with its rightful claim of the rule of the nature….and the simple living or life with the basic needs is the real freedom that we can try for… so that, this beautiful creation can survive in its natural majesty for time to come…..

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