Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Taciturn….
Majestically standing still in the open
Challenging the sun and the moon often
Erect and stillness frozen, rarely shows emotion 
With highly branched and shapeless arms points to the heaven
A unique canopy, vegetation green crown
Beads of multicoloured foliage of a topographical dimension
A diversified shape in required vertical position
In constant touch with the air
A latent unbroken kiss of the light
to stir The hydrated soil, a solution of ore and water
From its lethargic slumber to diffuse the matter
The tubular capillaries disobey the mother gravity
Carries in the tiny particles against the will of the magnetic austerity
Descends down the soil to search the soil
Microscopic hairs grope to gather in the darkness
Particle by particle search is taken and all arrested
To seize the earth fluid wealth molecule by molecule
To push and thrust to the photo space.
The plundered wealth smuggled in hush for ever
Highways and subways are all one way for smooth traffic
To the kingdom of foliage ruled by the green
An agreement is signed, an understanding reached
Between the sub terrain and the glittering space above
The pigment has signed a MOU with the emperor of light
A permanent import food package deal is reached by agreement
The solar furnace too philanthropic to reject the deal one-sided
An immortal union of light and matter processed and packed
An effective distribution is laid and maintained to satisfy
The hungry customers of this planet one and all…

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