Saturday, November 29, 2014


Beware....the whole human population are infected with a deadly epidemic infection. Unfortunately mostly young ones are more susceptible…but middle aged and old age persons may be small but not an exception. No...It is not Ebola nor H1 nor N1 microbial infection or never it is birds flue...It has reached its level so high that nothing can be done about to arrest it. Strangely a deadly infectious addiction has spread without any symptoms, mode of transmission not yet known. But observed mostly in youth. When once you are bitten by the escape... The infected being becomes an irreversible addict......yes nobody knows the real pathogen or even the carrier. The infected one sits in front of the monitor like a deep meditation but eyes with utmost attention that gazes in a vacuum without a blink of the eyelid. Their palpitations varies like a rouge with the trance eyes fixed. It is hard to imagine what they are looking at. Rarely do they speak to anyone. But thank god..... It is not fatal but for ever seen in isolation, researches are going on all over the world lab but still disputable confusing claims are emerging. Some even go to the extreme of branding it as a mental state. Honestly I don’t know...if it is so then where is the answer of psyche? Yes we know that there is mental groove and an instinctive impulse of a display a pattern of behaviour animal communication what does it communicate? To whom it is communicated? When no one around the patient seen. Slowly with tip toeing I reach his back and he is lost in his delusion to unfold the mystery

The eyes are fixed and fingers plays to dance. Look at the monitor there is a beep sound and the fingers move like mad, something is opened the tension mounts the muscles twitches and Oh...god the pons relaxes and lips slowly curls to smiles...and on the screen I can see a white empty paper neatly printed and geometrically cut into squares and rectangle boxes and in blue on the top at right hand side miniatures of some objects can be seen.... the beep sounds irregularly and the red numbers gradually increases....the intense look on the face of the patient is yet with smile....slowly he turns to me in satisfactory look...and say... Hi... just browsing the net...

The disease is diagnosed as ....PeriplanetaFBianamania……..

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