Saturday, November 29, 2014

Intoxication of technological contributions.....

Lyrical lethargic silence expands the time like a space
Constant cycling of the cosmos contracts the quantum of black hole
Duration of change or movement of astrological bodies is time......
Mysterious universe, beyond your imagination....
It is an illusion to feel that we, the ultimate conquerors
There is no worth the victory without invasion and battle
That too, without an enemy in sight, no one to fight
Show your might and show only you are right, victory not so bright
How dumb we humans are! We are blind to the inescapable plight
Not even ready with nomenclature as lot to be seen yet,
A lot more to be explored still, and so much to be destroyed!
But by then, you will be floored my dear.... into the cosmic dust
An unimaginable and a frightened great grave is in the making
A faltered human with full of flaws...a sadistic will of boasting
Without a trace of glorious history to tell your own future story
And there will be no generation to carry your barbaric destructive legacy

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