Friday, January 30, 2015

The teenager.

The lunatic turbulence of the full moon light floods the spirit of youthfulness
An unknown spirit of bravery oozes out and clots into uncompromising mess
The beauty all around, an uncontrollable crave to be encountered without a miss
The joy and the zeal of anatomy of life is an inexplicable mystery, is only a bliss

The embryo branches out to evolve into a beautiful green canopy of dreams.
Nurtured by its fresh receptors to perceive and to live with adolescent fairy tales
The twig branches into colourful inflorescence, those flowers into games and aims
The tender heart, like a bud that blossoms into full and flies away without a pass

Everywhere, melody echoes in the air and the ears are filled with optimistic waves
The eyes are opened to only the amazingly coloured surroundings for his egos likings
The intoxication of life overflows from the deepest layers of the cells and tissues
The emperor of his undefined life, live to remain unconquered by any forces or foes

The arrogance of manliness, the audacity of ruthlessness, a perplexed conscious

He with distinctive dress with a shabby beard over runs to proclaim his existence

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