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The clone product of the solar king, and the virgin princess entered the earth with a rarest curse Untarnished PRITHA the princess disowned her foetus and set afloat on the river to its fate.       Floating through the waves, the infant got baptised into a fisherman sect with a ban for learning.

Passionate zeal to master the archery, the young loner vowed to master the prohibited arm art.
Rejected by royal scholars, but was accepted by the avenger of the royal sect PARASHURAMA         The great Guru, the mother slayer, gifted all his warfare arts to his talented and dedicated pupil.

The perfect, model disciple, neither shivered nor trembled when his thigh was burrowed deep The Master woke to the warmth of the oozing blood and knew his pupil had lied him as a Brahman           The Master rewarded his exponent pupil with a rarest boon of a fatal memory loss at a crucial time.

An honest and an obedient student forced to wander in the wild to search and achieve his goal.           A single combat, all that he craved, only a face off fight with the unquestioned royal opponent Obsessed with the aim of a fight with his only opponent ARJUNA, he did live a life of a dream.

A competition of the royal siblings was to be witnessed in the warfare skill in different faculties           The winner was decided, but only to be declared, a mere formal announcement was awaited   Surprised were the audience, when the favourite winner was challenged by a dignified stranger.

Sombre face with blinding radiation of aristocracy, an air of suspense in the arena was felt,               Her highness, the widow fell unconscious when she recognised her first genetic part her body     Beaten by the bitterness of jealousy burnt in the flames of enmity, the hundred sons were rejoiced.

Excited SUYODHANA, with an ecstatic rage, welcomed the god sent stranger for his selfish goal Crowned as a king by his newly found friend has fallen flat with the burden of obligation for life Countless misdeeds that followed to please and repay the friendship, had turned him pathetic prey.

Face to face in front of the eternal enemy, KARNA dropped his head and stood miserably helpless,   The hapless soul with head bowed, never wavered for a moment to accept his linage of low birth KARNA the dutiful son embraced his father to accept his low origin, but suffered as a silent destitute.

Robbed of his chance to take on his overrated opponent, had to hide in a cocoon of shame and rage The life in the royal air continued to add up to the unethical events carried out by his vengeful friend     It is hard to justify our most unfortunate hero for his participation in any of the unholy pre-war events.

The royal ceremony of the choosing her desired bride for the princess of DRUPADA was held           The most favoured five attended the royal ceremony in the disguise at the end of their exile period       Ever obliged, faithful to his friend, the unlucky, also reached the ceremony and got humiliated.

The stranger bent and stringed the bow at ease, and aimed the target, his inborn skill was on display The unknown was wildly cheered and an unparalleled joy of jealousy was swept in the KAURAVA camp In the melee of unexpected events, the arrow could not be shot at the eye of fish’s reflection.

The unfortunate hero was stopped and asked to reveal his parental heritage before the start   Disgusted and frustrated, he stood to his ground to be booed and jeered in the royal court                 The benevolent was misfit and out of the event by the rules, as he had committed a foul in his birth!!

Was he really unfit? He wept in silence and lived in eternal loneliness in the foetus posture                 He could ever know; who was the stalk of his foetus that nurtured and gestated his being,                 The genetic blood of the royal connection was well concealed and sealed long back by the fate.

One who is unknown to himself can neither defend nor disclose his own mysterious origin,                 The ear guard an inborn defence ring of his body was already robbed by opportunistic INDRA         Yet, like a statue of peace, he never regretted his act, but had his faith of strength unshaken.

The opponents melted in his kindness, he was blessed and cursed but never left uncared                   He lived under the vengeful shade of love of his friend, but shrunk gradually in gratitude                 Alone in the lovely palace, with thousands at command but no one to fill his own loneliness,

The cunning KRISHNA and his henchmen robbed the munificent of his boon of natural defence       Born with the impregnable diamond armour fused in the embryonic state, indeed, was immortal.         Can a single soul survive the divinely human hatched unending conspiracy against all the odds ?

One who could not even enjoy successful revenge of his scornful enemy form the birth instinct?       Ever boiling for vengeance, sure of his success, he knew the ultimate victory was in his lap             Least he knew that his born enemy was none other but his own blood shared younger brother.

No one can imagine the great dilemmas of the unlucky when his own mother begs for all her sons     The unfortunate muted and frozen mind never disappointed his wombs donor’s first wish and promised The new-found mother Queen shall ever have her five sons with him or without, but all five intact.

Bending down with respect the dutiful son promised that he would never reuse the arrow once shot. How can a selfless, exponent of philanthropy could ever suspect his Mothers evil military strategy? Nobody can win any war when one’s own mother conspires and commits an unheard heinous treachery.

The lawful request for a peaceful solution by PANDAVAS was rejected and the Great War was declared A constant exchange of loyalty was galore, the royal loyalists proved their loyalty to unjust Anarchy   The game plan for the war began with all optimism with expected support in favour of ruling power.

The restless taciturn waited his turn to lead the army but perplexed to see the fall of all his greats KRISHNA’s deceptive plan forced BHEESHMA the immortal to retire and rest on the bed of arrows.     The blind love for his son, DRONA was made to back out from the battle ground in remorse untold.

With an inexplicable state of mind and wounded soul KARNA lead the Army with all his might               To gift his friend a memorable victory and to reduce his haunting burden of gratitude of life               The great outsider never wavered in his mind of his enemies who have shared the same womb.

Wordless feeling, a fleeting sorrow with a confused mind the commander marched on to his death Abandoning the charioteer, SHALYA fled the battle with inflicting insults at a critical juncture                   A predetermined plan that was well executed yet presence of mind was never badly shaken.

The flawless and the unerring arrow of snake just missed the head of ARJUNA by few inches           Like patriot missile came back the weapon and requested the warrior to aim and shoot at again       The detached introvert guided the arrow to his quiver as it was once already shot before.

With the intoxicated fear of death around, the horses neighed and got loose to gallop wild,                     A fatal challenge to a soldier is to drive the horse ridden chariot and to fight was unthinkable,               As expectedly another misfortune did fall on him and the wheel stuck in the blood wet soil.

The Chariot tilted in a peculiar angle, helpless soldier buried himself to release the wheels of fate Struggling to lift with all his might, he saw his enemy brother in a dilemma to shoot at the unarmed       A flash back of his brief life was screened in his pathetic mind and could see the advice of KRISHNA.

The most destructive and unfailing weapon was at his command and the code to activate and shoot Alas...At that critical moment he could not recollect as teachers curse was already in operational mode. The whirring arrow never missed the cursed body brought to the ground, eyes left staring at the sky.

The trembling hands of shaken GANDEEVA shivered as Krishna’s’ eternal smile echoed in the sky   The smile evolved in to a detached divine laugh and the waves of sadness spread across the time.       The sober air descended and whistled melancholy in to the mind and soul of the human multitude.

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