Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yes... the remains of the ancient extinct species....
Non-living of the sedimentary rocks
Of Palaeocene world sandwiched in loaves of unmeasured time
Every rule and generalisation has an exception
Hence without controversy, it applies to fossils too
They are but living ones...not petrified yet....
But hardly count in rural numbers
No doubt...on the verge of extinction
Has to be protected.... but who and by whom?
It has no place for survival in the epoch of corporate habitat
The most unfavourable social factors of the urban existence
The rise of money giants has shun the joint families
The sky scraper habitat dominates the globalization period
The alienated rich are in their composite family
Care takers out-numberer the the very few inhabitants
The fall of rural life and no family and generic clusters
With no rights of descent life of community
We are at the verge of extinction
Who would preserve us... a mere minor tribal group
And enjoy close proximity of closeness of similar species....
It is an irony like frog, we too are living fossils
And sure to get extinct soon,
Once lived in groups, now forced to disperse into exile
And forced to indulge, in seclusion and incognito mood
A living specimen in the modern Indian lab for exhibition
Inheriting the simplest living and adopted for the fearful luxurious
Who are we? Just a meagre numbers in a chaotic situation
Never will be accounted and would never be recorded
This is the great period of transition of the evolution in the making..
An unfortunate link between the old values and the applied technology
Neither we can merge with the old nor can we melt in materials
Ever in the a state of dualism... neither in the past nor in the present
But ever in suspension identity with a cunning duplicity
For your information these fossils are scattered in scanty
With effort of excavation you may come up with a surprise find
A species once ruled and lived in family of many generations under one roof
And that find would be palaeontologist’s prised fossil catch.........

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