Tuesday, May 12, 2015

With due apology from the poets….
Can you buy the benevolence from the bard?
A symbol of indifferent, uncared lock of hair
With a barbed and bristle haired grey beard, 
Like the reed on the banks of a river jade
Haunted by a folk of maids rooted like a weed
Never tilled and sowed the seed for the greed
A skilful player of words, ‘My lord’
Letters are knit in a riddle of kaleidoscopic web
The delicate balanced line in a rarest of beads,
Arrest your of emotions in this great asylum
And joined to link the soul with the wire of the meter rhyme
Connected with the unbroken string of song
Continues to pile up the stanzas in the music rung
That reverberates eternally uninterrupted but never heard!
In the air, the waves that never cares,
Drift ceaselessly into the oblivion
Symphonic balled sung in the countryside
Never a discarded note from the urban mind
Yes... it is an overcrowded, Unmanageable concert,
A confused chorus,
A challenge and a nightmare
In a sense, no one really to share
Blink and stare without any care
Lost in the psychedelic sound, was never an acoustic breed
Crushed by the mad mob,
Crawling like a crab to take any easy grab
Bone and skin ripped, floored and robbed….
It is a well-planned and an opportunistic intellectual race
Without tinge of love,
Deprived of a graceful human embrace
Absurd, self-pity, selfish soliloquy of ego
Constantly chiselled and carved to a fine sculptor
Often bundled in deceptive words,
Confusing lines constantly ever heard
An expression of exemplary boldness are scripted timidly in incognito
To be misunderstood intentionally in modern monologue
For, Vocabulary is not costly for a cunning lover
A die hard rebel projected as a successor of an immortal poetaster
The world is too small to be loathed and adored!
“Best among the worst” who cares?
If, even you are a mediocre laureate, yet, hyped and well sold!
Dear.... Sell the skill, the hour has come…go for the kill Proclaim boldly… you are the best
Or else..!
Hang a board that you are sold….
And be a paradigm of “too much in demand
“and ‘cut above the rest’….

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