Monday, August 3, 2015

The Leech...

A timid, lone wanderer moves strangely in the rain forest uncared
 Clinging and clutching to the gushing current in the green vastness,
Where the horizon of the green canopy diffuse into grey sky like a spy
Countless streams floods by minute source in the turbulent monsoon

The untamed, mass of water thunders down with an explosive sound  
With a body flattened and highly elastic pipe....the rare species drifts
 Then swipes and signs the card of the rivulets in the season of rainy fair
A pluviophile by instinct, enjoys breathing through the skin in moist soil

A semi aquatic inhabitant.....invisible to many in a life of deception
Loops and.... Moves steadily on the slopes a humble executioner
With primitive and simple being, carries an extra big and large heart....
The entire body is a multi-chambered pipette of blood...a wet pot,

A curious existence lacks all other normal metabolic organs
Even the stomach is reduced to a symbolic rudimentary trace
Though a blood hungry, but never a vampire fond of only the humans  
He is as happy as his taste and rules the rain soaked hilly empire 

It quenches his hunger when thirsty cattle are grazing nearby
Guided through the smell, he invades the prey softly unseen
The careless cattle, never cares the suction of the enemy battle
Not an Iota of pain or prick is made felt with its anaesthetic shot

A unique warrior sucks and robs the blood of the conquered herbivore    
As anti clotting memorandum is signed by the prey itself unbind
Opens the valve of the pipe the red fluid keeps its flow unstopped
No resistance from the enemy, happily he submits his body blood

The attacker expands slowly in to a bouncing rubber balloon
Provides a soft cushion to the foot of its kind donor‘s hold
The winner is neither a war maniac nor a greedy plunderer.
He is contented to leave happily with the loot filled stomach...

The looser is unaware that he was the host and got robbed
And that is the gracious sacrifice of a noble friend, a real looser
 As the host knows his part and Nature’s superior order as a donor
They are the obedient followers of the supreme command

My dears...The tiny and unattractive but dutifully beautiful ones...  
They live their part and depart as true responsible habitants
Truly a great law abiding, civilised citizens of the biosphere....

Special, creatures of the wild they are, selfless... unlike humans

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