Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Appeal.....

Please....stop interrogating about me
Like you and all others, I am born and grown up here
The blood and sweat share the same soil without any deal
It makes no sense except perfect nonsense
Is it not enough? I look like you in every aspect
Why that persistent and pertinent question?
There is nothing to hide...I know...if not with you
Will be revealed to concerned authority....

I am a nomenclature for somebody in this asylum
Very over-sensitive unpredictable lunatics around me...
Patients with different degree of mental imbalances are too many
I am scared; about your curiosity....your homicidal madness
Red shot eyes and your manic look, forces me to a state of rage

You brand me in your own social taxonomy and cage me in a solitary cell
A confusing classification so unscientific social disharmony
Very unsure about your reaction, I hesitate and conceal,
You may hug me with joy if related to your say
Well, you may kill me for your fanatic ploy for fancy

I shun my name, shun my language and
I hereby, I declare with all senses intact and sane
I am not yet insane....lucky to remain still a humane
Ye... I do solemnly the name of what?????
I am a born orphan and dumb by birth,

Without a history of human worth I am left alone....

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