Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hybrid....or Mutant...?

Helter-skelter and scattered marathon is on...Clinging to their curvy, dreamy cushions in the random race of chaotic world track....Galloping towards the finishing life existence...In the melee of ever in progress, a race of greed, a new hybrid breeds indeed in the branch of the evolution bypassing the norms and the morality of milling multitude and ascending to the space of the great dome. Glittering illusion that a magnetic gospel has never been seen from the hell of the paradise of mire.   The earth...intoxicated with a mutant species, teaming with a hysteria of  unknown addiction In the making....with maniac murders of the unfavoured Our weak but simple co- neighbours are gripped with fear of decimation and victims our limitless luxuries Of barbaric apathy and a deliberate arrogance in their aristocracy Extinction in ecstasy is a perverted attitude of challenge Against variation of natural selection Psychopaths are roaming freely with slumbered consciousness Humanity is restricted only to pet and cultured species Rest are discarded and destroyed But your devilish acts would be too costly to be paid 

Neither you are the creator and nor can be a terminator but a ray of hope is somewhere symbolically hidden with a preface of our sadistic long story. The fable of the earth saga, ever written and scribed by the principle natural commandments, Horizon is a mirage...too far and unreachable, neither the law can be abridged nor edited and never can be aborted. It is the unseen but the latent and patient mighty biosphere at the wheel of life steering... and the destiny uncertain  is unknown....The station’ the dooms day’ is nearing fast, My fellow travellers enjoy the thrill of speed.....No time to heed only....deed to bleed....and we are choked and dead.....

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