Friday, September 18, 2015

The marine encounter...

To the ocean.

Sitting on the sand, weathering the tearing wild wind                                                                             
I ventured at, menace of an advancing waves unending,                                                          
Countless water battalion splashes on to the shore fiercely                                                                      I retreat in  horror to feel the foam of billion bubbles

The aqua soldiers creep into the porous sand at random                                                                      
As if the wet clothes are left for open sun drying uncared                                                           
Moving back swiftly, on the back foot I sit to stare and watch.                                                         
The gusty wind and the cloudy sky, toss me wildly off foot

The swaying casuarinas, the violent waves rob my comfort yet,                                                             
I confront with the mighty mass of marine stretch                                                                         
Match your vision as far as you can...horizon is unseen!                                                                    The sky and the cloudy sea fuse in an erratic ecstasy,

I waited for a moment for their copulation to end, but in vain...                                                         
So, I pleaded with known civilian humility and courtesy...                                                           “O...the mighty Emperor and a great Conqueror ...Why?                                                                      You wage war without an enemy since the birth of the planet?

Your molten state settled with gaseous mass to stamp your birth..                                                      
O, Yes, you are the longeval, active, a lone member of the planet                                                     
The fire ball, the lava, the gas, have stayed still and escaped in to hibernation.                                    But you still waging a ferocious and an unending war!... against whom?

I don’t know....yes...nobody is challenging you. Neither the red hot lava 
Nor the deadly living volcano of present history of   Krakatova near java..      
Who is your enemy? Who are you confronted by? How long you war?                                                
A strange invasion without an attack is an addiction for you to fight 
Your warriors wear the robe of discipline to fight the ceaseless fight                                               
how astonishing!  Your military is adamant to accept the cohabitants                                            
your victory march is still on to this very moment, erosion unstopped.                                             
The corrosion continues to crack and crush the coast line relentlessly.

My vision is limited to blindness at the fusion of blue and grey. 
I wonder where the sky is hidden in the womb of dark clouds.                                                              
I look for the horizon to do the justice for one-sided, eternal conflict.                                              
You are the distinct line between light and darkness, the truth and myth....

“ have been the witness of all ages, so say the sages                        
I know you were in the loyal companion of ocean and blue sky eternally                             
Fear not, you have been witnessing the conspiracy of this mighty mass                   
Label the aggressor and classify the weak, we cannot fight.”

The horizon faint,
The horizon whispered in a melodious and low decibel faint, tone                                  
“I am an illusion, I never exist. It is the limitation of your vision.                         
Neither flat, nor square but, I am, just a bending and sloping curvature!                     
You can’t stretch your imagination beyond speculation...Oh...Human!
I am a lover of peace in co-existence....and as neutral as time infinity.                 
Neither weak nor feeble, they are one to me, no sycophancy either.                             
An imaginary formless, invisible line between the space and vacuum               
Lingering without any identity, I exist among land, water and sky”    

The Sea to me
The planet earth shook with laughter and the shore withered violently.                      
The waves splashed and flooded the inland, smilingly the ocean roar. 
“”incompetent immature human”, “An Idiot and a greedy terminator”     
One cannot but laugh at your audacious ignorance about marine gladiator

With a mind of a psychopath, what can one expect from one who sells death?      
Anger and revenge unknown in my territory, my dear...”.voiced the ocean...                 
“Unlike you, I respect my family traditions and my duties well understood,             
Ever in motion with dynamics of devotion....but ignorant of real paradise.

In hell or heaven the mother earth an everlasting exponent of patience                       
She raised and nurtured your innumerable cousins, since the birth of time             
Those sacred ancient souls have laid their lives at your mothers command                
The most kindliest and graceful queen ever impartial as the horizon itself .
O, she has sheltered and fed many species as her own umbilical card...                      
She has faced her own mutated siblings extinguished once and for all                     
Great reptiles, flying raptors, of Jurassic or amniotes were not spared...                     
Too many abortions, but never complained as she knew the unstoppable cycle

She has given birth to you, the mutated and the weakest, and a curse,                           
Taciturn she is, bearing your massacring instinct. Her action is fatally fast.           
Hiding her grief, patiently wishing your deadly deeds to ease and cease.                  
With a suppressed fear, her guard is extended your lease of life and stay

Who are you? And who am I? , are we different and ever separated?                       
“Yes” your reply with haste, is colour blinded by your vain ego                                      
But the shore and me, forever, share a mutual geographical symbiosis                       
The earth without me, water without the not exist in hallow..   
Rid your illusion and live, until the time strikes a stop to cool the sun        the realm of oblivion of cosmic space...we will be perished!”

I am at the end......

Perplexed, I retrace my steps as the sand, water and wind break under my feet              
I seek for solace in the lap of the mother earth as she is forever near                         
With all else around vanished, the sense of serene calm and a rare joy felt                 
The matters around me disappeared and a vast emptiness is frozen for ever.

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