Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Journey….

Had been on in the train on the track that never ends like two parallel rails that never converge in the infinity. Trying hard to adopt myself to the fast moving dizzy journey. With a jerk and jolt, and rocking like a sieve that stains a long journey to an undisclosed mysterious location is on. On board for a while, yet station undecided and unknown. It is hard to see anything around for the details in the light less place. As it was an opaque tour, I had to push my way into the compartment. Faces never imprinted, surroundings were blindly blurred and hidden. Effortlessly, I was pulled and pushed in the crowd’s muscular force. I realized I had to hunt for my seat in my mega ever mobile mansion. And I think, I got one or helped to get one by my organic connections around me, though I don’t remember, but accepted without clear confrontation. They are the closet one to me in my journey since I entered the cabin.

I remember my cabin as I am still living along the inmate travellers few, who always mocked and consoled and forever encouraged. Guided to sit tight, to look and talk straight...lighted the path while groping. Loaded with affection my co passengers gently pushed to answer the ultimate. No need to name the relation with your constant companion dears under the same moving roof sharing the pleasure and pain. An unknown bondage of co travellers indeed, men and women Co-passengers, cabin neighbours, faceless tourists ever on the run gradually grow nearer and dearer. Over loaded and jammed in the main chain with a strange feeling of oneness or loneliness all are dumb as the surrounding moving darkness. Commuters, pushing, squabbling and of course, cursing one another silently.

The track is moving constantly up the ascent or down the descent without stopping. The bends and curves to right or left on the parallel rails never stops. The engine whistles to tear into the darkness through the hills, over the bridges, slopes in varying moods of agony and ecstasy, along the green pastures and the blue ocean in a great passion. The engulfed tracks in the dim lights leave a trail on the speedy wall that never seems to cease to chase.  In a single track of the exploded rock, the journey continues to mock. Ignorant of the unavoidable final lap, none are ready for even a short break. Unaware of the unseen derails, the pilgrims mail their joy through email memory. Fuming smoke disappears in the dead dark briefs you the summary.

Peep out of the cabin and get out of the mess for the danger. There…Countless commuters in our unending rail passage. Smiling carelessly with arrogance with their journey mates…All, together, closely packed, brushing and squeezing one another. Difficult, it is to pass the time shielded by inescapable silence. The queuing thighs pressed tightly are blinking wildly into the dull dark roof. Unexpectedly the bodies get up run like a marathon race to reach the food counter. The mad stampede makes the turn to the counter impossible. Like an army without captain, battles the tourists make their way in a great rush.

Nailed to their seats, the special ones get all they need from the cabin service with a remote in their remoteness of deluxe first class. Never it occurs to them speed of the train is constant to everyone. The hunger is absolutely accurate and timely for all the creation.  Those volatile species of high collared men and women seldom realize the charged frustrated souls. Sealed to their pedestal of ego the special one, the aliens wait endlessly for someone.

You may be a distant traveller or a local guy of a nearby mountain or from a ultra modern unknown urbanite. My fellow compartment mates…rock the present, I am with you and for now...till the journey stops steaming. Be patient, till the doors are thrown opened for you to dissolve into the darkness. Be assured, I will never ask you about your destination…as it is an unending space tour......interrogation is irrelevant... 

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