Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The garden...
The ancient garden exists here for time unmeasured
Some say it was built by the contract of a heavenly paradise
It is so big and vast it takes quite long time to walk through, 
There have been a non-stop change of occupants from time to time
There is nothing vicious...the change was only too precious
When new one arrives, it is replaced by one which is worn out
the beautiful park is an biological agreement signed by all inhabitants
Diversity of lives are beautifully set into a magical topography
Unseen paradise has no place for comparison
Yet...I say it is wilder, wider and deeper like green forest
A natural system on terrestrial surfaces of the earth
I have been with it from the past date of the birth of the planet
Yet...I request you to allow me to live in my own garden
For I have been a friend of all the dwellers around me
Never force me to live in a community, as I am a biological entity
Has an affinity to all humanity connected to life community?
I am not rigid...but, mind it... never timid...in case situations demand
I may take up a position of my whimsical command...
I may not oppose for some reason for my own adaptation
But...dare not oppress, as I am not under any obligation
You are inexperienced young and new theoretical stupid
Suddenly you appeared saying that you are newly appointed
We don’t oppose anyone who does not restrict our routine
Respect the superiors and the ruling class...but, only official..
Venture not.....!
I guard my personal habitation with my own domestic dear ones.
The fruits, flowers and the domesticated varieties
The untamed brutes and the barbaric dictatorial breeds
All under the same piece of place, shall live with rightful rights
All are naturally evolved species of the living society
Dare not differentiate and try to reach your ruling lust...

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