Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Musing the Past…

 Brooding over the ailing, ageing body.....                                                                                         Failing to experience the past with excitement and thrill 
 But without remorse or vague overlapping of abstract disconnects of past 
 Rare mild smile that escapes meaninglessly craves to freeze in the past
 That stage of life lived galloping without past 
 But that time was squandered with a dreamy colorful future fantasy
 The feeble body is desperate and begs for extension for some more time 
 Fearing the days that are dwindling as fast as divine disappearance
 But for ever one feels that too many tasks that are still unfinished 
 My dear ones..... 
 Brood, but breed not the melancholic seed......
 For...Life is too beautiful indeed....

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