Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Waiting for the Spring....

Enslaved in the post-winter late state and exploited by the west winds,
the tireless time is fatigued and worn out, it moves in a snail pace.
An aristocratic rare guest, the easterly wind has arrived
And has invaded the outgoing cold front in an ambush
The inner ecstasy of the floral foliage citizens in their embryonic phase,
craving and rearing to re-branch, that were denuded sometimes ago.
They are eager and tender, so questions hesitantly,
"Oh...time why can't you be little lenient ?
Are we to wait till the spring announces its arrival at its will?"
Please guide us little faster....
But it seems, it is quite far, far away...

By- Chamsu Patil.
translated by Sheshagirijodidar.

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