Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The conditions....
The Sun for ever raises in the east to set in the west!
A cosmic principle to the porous universe till the dooms day
Neither a planetary point nor a geo positioning is an exception.....
We are packed.... with shades of diverse patterns and pigments....
In a set of assigned arrangement that refracts and disperse. 
Between south and north poles...billions stories are hidden
The story of dominant species unfolds in a terrible tremor 
The bio mates are crucified in the glorification of the violence
The destruction is the construction of modern civilization
A dispassionate narration with innovative techniques
From metal melting heat to freezing and biting cold, 
the story oscillates from equatorial line to latitudes and altitudes.......
The curved rotating screen displayed in front of you every day
barbaric riches and pathetic miseries glitter to tears in the eyes.
We live and play the game for the gallery clutched tightly to our lives
A terrestrial habit of blunted patriotism bordered the nations
All are passionately dictatorial to rule and lure 
Logically proved hollow hypothesis can ever be an absolute path
An abstract path for an obscene power? Let it be Left or Right, 
The contractors of humanity who are just traders for their own self
Is it the right of rightists? or instinct of lefts of left outs? 
Poverty can't be a pretext for greed to hybrid your breed
Humanity can't be equated with hate
Equality has no place in deceptive revenge against the history
But life has to exist on, above and below.....
Life needs only a suitable warmth of needs for all.

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