Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Reality.

The mighty mind of mine was ever as vibrant as constant evolution.
Now unstable and flickering mind surrendered in total submission
Devotional and humbleness are displayed in a divine expression 
Agonizing time and frightening reality of ageing got their own dimension.
Yet..the fragile being still lingers with its engulfed mortal ego organ by organ
An astounding comprehension of the chaotic life wavers and wades in confusion
An irony, it is of the once most worshipped temple, now a ruined, haunting mansion
The instinctive expressions have exploded into a darkest abyssal disillusion.
The limitations of the existence are subtly sublime, disguised and unseen
A body over used, over abused and often exhausted in every trifle action
The somatic reality with all its ugly splendour is arranged for an exhibition
The enlightenment of cosmic vastness that baffles our God's own notion.
Atheist as I remain still, rejecting the spontaneous creation by unseen motion
I submit and surrender to the indisputable might of nature with all conviction.....

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