Monday, May 23, 2016

Just a wild flow of thoughts.

The terrestrial biome engulfed by the omnivorous and the phagomanic water mass. The whirling wild marine habitat with its ritualistic folk dance solidifies into mega tectonic ice sheets. And the tundra hides in the covert operation of the lava below the mantle of the crust. The polar ice caps melts and covers layer by layer like melting and overflowing wax around the globe. The shielded mountains, the hillocks and the forests submerge into just protrusions of the brushing cliffs. Icicles like long sabre tears into the air, the colourless surface, the eyesore of the white vast emptiness. The deafening silence of the lifeless planet with rough winds run randomly, wheezing like a bullet and shatters your soul into million bits to prove the monotony and the waste and forlorn lethargic mental mode in a static mood. The inescapable and the universal loneliness echoes in the cosmos....the ripples rip our gravity into astronomical desert in the inanimate planet. And I live...... for another tomorrow.....

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