Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The glowing Champak.....

The endless  season of inflorescence  in my  vast  paradise of love
Memory, the Jasmine, where  the dream of  orange red Champak shine
Coral Jasmine the tree flower , your absence pricks like spine of a screw pine
Oh! what a joyous judgment ? without a trail ! for a too  trifle fault of mine                     
Has the sky got painted in Cassandra  from the palette of your cheeks ? 
Fascinating  and  passionate  chattering lips are indeed a lively digression
I crave to  assort the scattered flowers to garland you in each of my lungs motion
The twinkling  smile that radiates  a cluster of Crape jasmine is my inspiration
Oh...Chrysanthemum can you count your own countless bracts of corolla bell.
Like a magnet that  pulls the iron with its immeasurable varied magnetic pull 

The glowing face like a yellow Rose mallow that blossoms at dawn
The confused butterflies for ever drawn towards your smiling deception
As mysterious as an Oleander  which seals  its secrets never to unravel   
Should I dance and  perform the ritual of drawing the attention  from you ?
Are you the flower Skean that haunts and taunts with its divine fragrance

Me, Forever, mesmerised  in an immortal dream, resting on your own bosom...

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