Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The clock...

An indicator of time for the modern machine tuned man
yes..the clocks are everywhere in every form imagined
The public tower clock, the office wall clock
The interior table clocks of artistic antique collections
Some are soundless but blinks the time in coloured light..
The display of aesthetic and aristocratic talents hanging on the wall
Suspended pendulum in its constant oscillation never ceases its motion
The dial plate of the watch may be round or square or a triangle
Funny and multicoloured forms and shapes heaped in the market
The three needles are tireless enigma in their own emptiness
The Sun, the Moon and the Earth....in their orbital path
A never ending race they run in the stadium of time
The race is on in the circular track of the space
The surface may be synthetic or grass or even hard
The second needle is never second behind the minute
The minute never cares for the fast runner in front,in the track
It is not a match but a real sport of cosmic laws
The hour needle is as lazy as the motionless track itself...
We will be still and frozen in the ever spinning of the globe
The earth revolves around the solar orbital path
We are lead to light and night with an unerring punctuality.
Sedentary as we are static and immobile
yet we are very lively and highly volatile
Hence we are too temporary and be ready to be vaporised....

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