Saturday, November 19, 2016

The flow.....

Living.! Yes....yet is too elusive to be lived
but lives are rare as bare for a public share
lines scripted in a perplexed mood.
An unique mode, sad but not bad
A riddle, but not a psalm with greed...
but be as patient as an idiot,a hybrid breed
take a lethargic look at it and please...decode
The scriptures hidden deep in fossil layers
the cryptography script is not an engraved script
puzzle or a riddle but one has to handle
you may like the the disconnected lyrics
like wordless grunting of baby in the cradle
or orphaned scattered bricks of the ruined fort,
oh.. is it a precious monument indeed.? yes..
it is a trick..or even may be a teasing gimmick...
Yet trickles from the endless oblivion above
sounds a note of notation in a concert
haphazardly arranged to give a sense
satisfaction of hollowness of deep stress
or nothingness a confused mind stretched
Being Just a sound, mere musical mess
may never be as an aesthetic poem of Keats
or as sacred and devotional as Yeats,
but not as mindless as herd of beasts
should a poem be a mere flock of words?
Is it a scrambling game of flocking beads
everything is same in a repetitive game
breathe your time without guilt and crime....

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