Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Running race......
(An old Poem...three years old..)
For a couple of days away from the face book,
I was forced to be out of action for my own justification, 
With my psychic preoccupation.
Right now, at this moment with face to face
In front the face book, ever opened
with a pertinent question to everyone
I admit without any hesitation,
Yes….Indeed, Out there in the open
A spirited, fatally ferocious race is on,
You are lost in the pages of the heart book,
Without a single page Turned and read
Repeatedly again and again the target missed
The race is too fast and overcrowded,
The participants beyond calculation.
In no time I stand alone, left far behind,
And already out of competition
Rest are diminishing figures in open stadium.
The runners are too muscular
With exceptional mental coordination
The colours they wear for the track is,
Out of a rare cranial imagination
In the fading colours of dust of the waves
No one looks back, motion unstopped,
The great crowd thundering on, in its gallop
The deafening sound unclear in its coded beep
Same track but different lanes,
The distance measured to a perfect length.
No doubt, it is a long and lengthy race,
But alas..!
One has run on a modern but synthetic grass turf
It is too absorbent to suck the life too fast.
The tricky track is the trick of the race,
The frulorn starting line is a hot vacuum
A single, wavered step declares you foul
The athlete is out of race unceremoniously
The sports lovers strange blinding glares,
The confused onlookers chanting and shouting
Are always unknown to jeer you or cheer you
Slow step or a fast pace,
Withered or weathered, you cannot stop,
The race has to be run to the finishing line
Win or lose…
After all it is The Real Race,
Run the race and present your case…..
static state is debarred at the very base
After all the records are made to be broken........

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