Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unity in Diversity....

The secret of Beauty of the existence as a whole in this nature is based on diversity…..
No doubt…but that diversity includes all the existing ecological factors. BUT it never depends on one and only or one particular species.
But…I am perplexed when I hear the very commonly used slogan “Unity in diversity” by many political leaders and other scholars too….But…I am surprised….It is not so…..The Beauty of our life is diversity…..not unity……!!!! The moment you pronounce the word UNITY……it is restricted on various boundaries of selfishness and egocentric ideas….like God, Patriotism etc…It is indeed a very narrow word…Unite, Unity, Union……!!!
Unity for what, how, on what basis?
Is anybody in the present world is ready to accept or compromise on their superiority of belonging…..The answers are frighteningly negative…..
Unity for humanity and only for Mankind!!…
At least, Have been able to achieve that environment of total harmony among humans for the past 8000 years of our cultural evolution? NO…We are deeply divided on geographical borders, Nations, language, religions, colour, culture, races, religions, castes and all other social regional domination…..even on our food habits we become inhuman…then where is the question of Unity? It cannot be bundled or tied up tightly on the basis of some stupid social ideology of some people of sometime which is not worth for the present world which is on the verge of a great catastrophe.
The prevailing chaotic world order reveals a very ugly and horrible story….story of fragmentation In the name of protectionism… which is given many adjective for our own justification…..
The whole world order is intoxicated with the doctrine of sealing their own superiority.....

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