Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Potion of Religion.

A deadly demand for a separate religion is echoing as one's identity
A new religion is like, just prepared fresh toxin to inject the ignorance.
A mythical myth and a social absurdity of human harmony.
A pure fiction of a Godless world where religion is rarely pronounced
Caste and creed themselves are for ever outcasts there in my dream.
It is sad and I look mad when I crave for a border less planet in this fragmented pit.
And, Yet…I remain to be an optimistic immortal dreamer without an antitoxin.
Think of a place where pass port is nonexistent and visas yet to see the day.
Unique universal brotherhood seal with no mention of a nation is inquired
Needed only a seal of Homo sapiens for native taxonomic identification.
A real free world where greed and revenge are never bred as hybrid bed
The endless homicidal mental frame of greed and lust like a pest of Homos.
Religions, like addict beasts poke the human minds with abyssal ignorance.
Religion is to stamp ones supremacy and make social injustice legally accepted.
Army is reared to discard the ethics to write history in blood of humans once again.
The human mass is heaped with hunger ready to preach and spread to earn their bread.
The opium is sealed in a vial of instant infection and now fresh available in the market for sale.

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